One Tree Hill Cast : Additional Cast

- Barbara Alyn Woods portrays Deb Scott, Dan's neurotic ex-wife and Nathan's mother. Married to Dan for seventeen years, she eventually divorces him in Season Three, her hatred of him driving her to attempt to kill him at one point. Deb battles a pill addiction in Season Two and again in Season Four, but overcomes it for good the second time. In Season Five, she returns after an unexplained absence to be Jamie's nanny and begins a surprising and secretive sexual relationship with Skills.

- Lee Norris portrays Marvin "Mouth" McFadden, one of Lucas' oldest friends, originating from the River Court. He is somewhat unlucky in love, being the victim of Brooke's unrequited love in Season Two, being dumped by Erica when she becomes popular and falling for Rachel, only to get sidelined for the older Cooper. GiGi, his co-sports announcer, has also broken up with him after only seeing him for a few weeks and Shelly Simon runs out on him after he loses his virginity to her. In Season Five, he has a fling with his boss, Alice, before finally settling down with Millicent. Mouth becomes a sports commentator in Season Five, having commentated at the Ravens' games throughout High School but quits his job in the season finale.

- Antwon Tanner portrays Antwon "Skills" Taylor, one of Lucas' oldest friends, originating from the River Court. He takes on a more prominent role in Season Four when he fills Lucas' vacancy on the Ravens. In Season Five, he becomes the assistant Head Coach of The Ravens basketball team and lives with Mouth, Junk and Fergie. He and his High School girlfriend Bevin Mirskey are no longer together in Season Five and Skills begins a sexual relationship with Deb after meeting each other online.

- Danneel Harris portrays Rachel Gatina, who moves to Tree Hill in Season Three. After joining the cheerleading squad, she instantly clashes with Brooke as she pursues Lucas, although Brooke and Rachel later become friends. Rachel gets close to Mouth but sidelines him for Cooper, who dumps Rachel when he finds out she lied about her true age. After Nathan and Haley's wedding, Cooper and Rachel have an altercation in the limo which causes it to veer off the Molina Bridge and into the water. Nathan rescues Rachel and she develops a crush on him but backs off when she discovers that Haley is pregnant. Rachel takes the fall for a calculus exam she stole with Brooke and, to protect her new friend, is expelled from Tree Hill High. In Season Five, Rachel is a former employee of Brooke's and a heroin addict who takes an overdose after being fired by her friend. Brooke brings Rachel back to Tree Hill to help get her life back on track but Rachel leaves again, taking a load of Brooke's cash with her, after an encounter with Victoria.

- Jackson Brundage portrays James "Jamie" Scott, the son of Nathan and Haley's, born at the end of Season Four. In the fifth season, he is four years old and the center of attention with his parents, godparents Lucas and Brooke, and the rest of his parents' friends. He is abducted by his former nanny Carrie in the show's one hundreth episode and after being rescued by Dan, Jamie becomes determined to get to know his grandfather, despite his parents' reservations.
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One Tree Hill Cast : Original Cast - Part II

One Tree Hill Original Cast

- Sophia Bush portrays Brooke Davis, captain of the cheerleading squad. Feisty and flirtatious, she dated Lucas twice but neither time their relationship works out. In Season Three, she creates a clothing line, "Clothes Over Bro's". In Season Five, Brooke has made Clothes Over Bro's a household name, but despite her success, she is unhappy in her personal life so she and Peyton return to Tree Hill where Brooke turns a now-closed Karen's Café into a Clothes Over Bro's store. She then reveals her desire to have a baby and looks after Baby Angie, who is in the US for heart surgery. Brooke is devastated when the time comes for Angie to return to her home country.

- Paul Johansson portrays Dan Scott, a once great basketball player, who is father to both Nathan and Lucas, although he never wanted anything to do with the latter. After his marriage to Deb crumbles and she and Nathan try to rid themselves of him, Dan's evil comes to the forefront. After Dan finds Deb sleeping with his brother, Keith, a war begins between the two brothers, culminating with Dan fatally shooting his brother in Season Three, believing that Keith had set his car dealership alight. After discovering that Deb was actually behind the fire, Dan tried to make amends by supporting Karen through her pregnancy and started to turn over a new leaf. However, after Lucas discovers he is Keith's murderer, he is placed in jail. Four years later, he is granted parole and tries to redeem himself to his family, because he is dying of HCM. In the season finale, he is knocked down by a car moments before his bleeper goes off to inform him that he is ready for his heart transplant.

- Barry Corbin portrays Coach Brian "Whitey" Durham, the Ravens coach for thirty-five years, retiring in Season Four. He and Dan never saw eye-to-eye and often bickered over their differing opinions on the team. Whitey often laments the death of his wife, Camilla, and the fact that he didn't spend more time with her while she was alive. He retires after the Ravens finally win him his much-coveted State Championship title in Season Four but later takes a coaching position in a college three hours away from Tree Hill, so that Nathan has the chance to play college basketball.

- Craig Sheffer portrays Keith Scott, Dan's older, kinder, under-achieving brother. After Dan chose Deb over Karen, Keith helped Karen to raise Lucas (acting as a surrogate father to him) and fell in love with her but they only got together in Season Three. He had a recurring drink problem and an ongoing rivalry with his brother which involved him sleeping with Deb and Dan paying Jules to seduce Keith and then dump him to get back at Keith for this. When Dan mistook him for the one who tried to kill him in the dealership fire, he shot him after the siege at Tree Hill High, killing him instantly. Since his death, Karen has given birth to Keith's daughter, Lily. Keith has been haunting Dan as a teen and as an adult ghost, but later forgives him for what he has done. He has guided his nephews as a sort of Guardian angel throughout Season Four.

- Moira Kelly portrays Karen Roe, Lucas' mother. Dan abandoned her after she became pregnant in High School and with a lot of help from Dan's brother (and in later years, Karen's lover and father of her second child) Keith, Karen raised Lucas alone. Karen is devastated by Keith's death in Season Three. In Season Four, she gets close to Dan again before learning that he was the one who killed Keith and has given birth to Keith's daughter, whom she names Lily Roe Scott. In Season Five, Karen is traveling the world with Lily and when she returns for Lucas' wedding, she is accompanied by Andy Hargrove.
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One Tree Hill Cast : Original Cast - Part I

One Tree Hill Cast : Original Cast

- Chad Michael Murray portrays Lucas Scott, the son that Dan never claimed. This led to Keith being the father figure in his life. He and Nathan start out as enemies but bond as friends and as brothers as the show progresses. Lucas' best friend is Haley and he has been a romantic interest for both Peyton and Brooke. Lucas has a serious heart condition, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) which he concealed for a long time. Aside from basketball, his greatest passion is literature and quotes from the books he reads are used on the show. In Season Five, he is a successful writer and head coach of the Ravens basketball team. He was in a relationship with his editor, Lindsey Strauss but conflicted by his feelings for former love Peyton, causing Lindsey to leave him at the altar. In the season finale, he asks one of Brooke, Peyton or Lindsey to marry him. It is not made clear which.

- James Lafferty portrays Nathan Scott, the son that Dan did claim, although his relationships with both his parents are strained at the best of times. Nathan marries Haley in Season One and they renew their vows in Season Three, and later becomes a father to James Lucas "Jamie" Scott in Season Four. In Season One, he and Lucas start out as enemies, but bond as friends and brothers as the show progresses. Nathan is the star player of the Ravens and is named "Most Valuable Player" in Season Four. Also, in Season Four, he is investigated for shaving points. He loses his basketball scholarship to Duke University because he admits to shaving points in two games. Basketball has always been his greatest passion and he sees it as his "way out", but in Season Five, a fight leaves Nathan near-paralyzed and his dreams shattered, though he later regains the use of his legs and slowly starts to make a comeback in basketball.

- Hilarie Burton portrays Peyton Sawyer, who's two greatest passions in life are music and art; she is an expert in the punk rock genre and uses her art to express the issues that play out in her life. In Season Two, she discovers that she is actually adopted. She has never met her biological father although she has met his son, her half-brother, Derek. After getting to know her birth mother, Ellie, she loses her to breast cancer. In Season Four, Peyton decides to act on her feelings for Lucas and they begin a relationship. This relationship has ended between seasons Four and Five and in Season Five, a lonely Peyton is working for a record company in LA. She and Brooke decide return to Tree Hill, where she starts her own record label, Red Bedroom Records, and battles her feelings for Lucas again.

- Bethany Joy Galeotti portrays Haley James Scott, Lucas' best friend, Nathan's wife and Jamie's mother. She is an extremely intelligent woman with high morals. She marries Nathan in Season One and they renew their vows in Season Three, while Season Four sees her give birth to her son, Jamie. In Season Five, as well as balancing roles as a wife and mother, she is an English teacher at Tree Hill High and is also seen to be planning a musical comeback.
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Bethany Joy Galeotti / Haley : Where is she now ?

If you are wondering what has Bethany Joy Galeotti from the One Tree Hill Cast has been doing over the past few years, have a read .....

- (January 2005) Although she is working on her show "One Tree Hill" in North Carolina, she currently has an apartment in Burbank, California and is buying a house in Washington

- (March 2005) She is currently on tour with Tyler Hilton, The Wreckers (Michele Branch and Jessica Harp) and Gavin Degraw - the "One Tree Hill" concert tour.

- (May 2005) Recording an album to be released early 2006

- (June 2005) Filming season 3 of One Tree Hill in Wilmington, North Carolina

- (November 2005) Announced engagement to "Enation" band member Micheal Galeotti.

- (August 2007) In Wilmington, North Carolina filming as Haley Scott for Season 5 One Tree Hill.

- (September 2006) In North Carolina filming season 4 of One Tree Hill.

- (July 2007) In Wilmington filming Season 5 of One Tree Hill.
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Bethany Joy Galeotti / Haley : Other Works

Most of us know Bethany Joy Galeotti / Haley as a member of the One Tree Hill Cast, but you will be amazed to know all the other things she has done in her career so far. Have a read ....

- TV commercial for "Swan's Crossings" dolls

- TV commercial for Dr. Pepper

- TV commercial for Eggo waffles

- Her duet with Tyler Hilton, a cover of the song "When The Stars Go Blue", originally by Ryan Adams, is on the first "One Tree Hill" (2003) soundtrack album, "One Tree Hill - Music from the WB Television Series. (January 2005) On the album she is credited as "Bethany Joy Lenz", her maiden name, as she was not married at the time of its release. The duet was a part of the storyline of "One Tree Hill" (2003) between her character, "Haley James Scott", and Tyler Hilton's character, "Chris Keller".

- Starred in British's boy band 5ive's pop video "When the lights go out"

- "Halo", which she performed on "One Tree Hill" (2003), is on the album "One Tree Hill - Music from the Television Series, Vol. 2: Friends With Benefit", the show's second soundtrack. (February 2006) The song is credited to her "One Tree Hill" (2003) character "Haley James Scott", as the album, benefiting breast cancer research, was a part of the storyline in the third season of the show.
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Bethany Joy Galeotti / Haley : Personal Quotes Part II

Here are some quotes from Bethany Joy Galeotti / Haley James Scott from the One Tree Hill Cast.

- "I think I started to see that acting was a really great catharsis for me. I've always been really creative and artistic, but I think acting was something that I could pour my creative energy into, and it took all of me. To this day, I haven't found that feeling anywhere else."

- "I have no desire to be a star."

- "I don't believe the human heart was made to be put through the abuse of the dating world. "

- "I was probably singing before I could talk, Musical theater is my passion. If I could afford it, I would just do dinner theater and live a simple life."

- "My personal style is just really easy, non fashion concerned. I have a lot of jeans and tee shirts."

- "So much of my heart is in my music. If you pay close attention to the lyrics, you can get a much better perception of who I am when my guard is down. "

- "I can't cook or do crafts. And put a soccer ball or a football in my hand, and I wouldn't know what to do with it, but if you give me a creative outlet, usually, I'd be able to figure something out."

- "I eat peanut butter, Swiss cheese and lettuce sandwiches. Really, they're very good!"

- "My dream car is a red '57 Chevrolet pickup. So I'd take a road trip in that for a day, play classic rock music the whole time and then stop at a diner at midnight for some apple pie."

- "I had a lot of creative energy when I was young. I was not the best student because I was always challenging what the teachers were saying, rather than just accepting it."

- "I love being home on rainy days! I usually write and sneak in an I Love Lucy rerun!"

- "I love singing. Getting on stage... it's like reaching in to the bottom of my soul and bringing it right up. I love it. "

- "I'm not a morning person. But I'm not really much of a night person, either. I'm just kind of there."

- On her character Haley: "The interesting thing about Haley is that she feels really awful, but at the same time she doesn't walk around groveling. That would be pathetic. She wants to be forgiven, but she is willing to earn that. I hope the Nathan and Haley fans hang in there because I think they will be very satisfied with the outcome."

- "I wrote my first song when I was maybe like four years old. I was always wandering around the house making things up. Back then, I learned a lot about singing from listening to Mariah Carey. I would sing to her [albums] and try and get all her riffs and stuff. I would be in my room for hours until I could get it right, it helps being an only child because I didn't have anything else to do!"

- "I've learned so much, especially with Chad. He is really good with camera and lighting and technical stuff. He has learned a lot about that and he's really good to work with and so I have learned so much technically. It's been amazing."

- "Music is something that is in you. You can touch people with your music even if you're working a job at starbucks or working a desk job."
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Bethany Joy Galeotti / Haley: Personal Quotes Part - I

Here are some quotes from Bethany Joy Galeotti / Haley James Scott from the One Tree Hill Cast.

- "I never rule anything out, I just follow where I'm lead."

- "I don't party. I'm a total homebody. I like hanging out with my cat and I've actually been known to stay home and knit."

- Joining "One Tree Hill" (2003) has been: "Like summer camp, only it's really cold in Wilmington, North Carolina! I've never lived in a small town, but I always pictured myself in a small house, drinking lemonade on my porch swing. Now I have the porch!".

- Favorite holiday: Christmas. "It will always be number one on my list. You feel cozy for like two months straight. You sing songs, all the stories look exactly the same. There's no other holiday where everybody decorates. There's a joy and a spirit of excitement that's in the air around Christmastime. It's the best."

- "If I ever got married and my husband wanted me to give all this up and follow him wherever he wanted me to go I would. I love acting because it's fun to play and I love music but I will be writing music for the rest of my life, forever. I'd be just as happy doing community-theater as I am doing a TV show. Doesn't much matter to me."

- "I am not a people person. It's not that I am shy, but I am more comfortable in an atmosphere of one-on-one. I hate crowds and parties."

- "That's the exciting thing. I still don't know what I'm going to be. I love acting. I would love to be an English teacher. I would love to be a housewife and have a chateau in the South of France, I would love to be a singer that travels to cafes around different towns. I am loving to live out my life right now and see where it goes, it's exciting."

- "I guess I've sort of always wanted to be an actress, except when I was five, which, I did want to be the Queen of England."

- "Musical theater is oh, my dream. My passion. Music is in my veins. Just being able to mix that passion with my other passion, for acting, would be unbelievable. I have to brush up on my dancing, but I'd definitely love to hit Broadway."

- "Music's something I'll be doing for the rest of my life, whether I'm just playing guitar in my living room or whether I'm playing for 3,000 people."

- "I am an actor. God forbid I say this, but I would be doing it for free because I love it. If I could, I'd do this every day of my life."

- "I am a down-home girl. I love home and a German shepherd and an old red pickup truck from the '50s. I would love an old house in Alabama with little kids running in the yard."

- "Lies about your physical appearance in Hollywood creep in like a nasty serpent in your bed. It's awful. "Who's got the best outfit?", "Who's makeup artist is terrible?", etc... I've really been learning that I have to choose to believe that it is not my clothes or my hair or my makeup that is going to make me shine. It's a battle I fight everyday with myself."

- "I'm working on a demo and putting down tracks this week, actually. I write all my own music. It's like Sheryl Crow's and Joni Mitchell's stuff. I'm totally staying away from the Britney Spears thing - I don't want to be marketed and packaged".

- "I'm a girlie girl. I just like being feminine."
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Bethany Joy Galeotti / Haley James: Trivia

Here are a few things I bet you didn't know about Haley James Scott an important member of the One Tree Hill Cast.

- She has a springer spaniel named Scout, and two cats named Noah and Allie, the lead characters in the film The Notebook (2004), and the book by Nicholas Sparks, on which the film is based.

- Released the limited CD "Preincarnate" featuring eight original tracks (2002)

- The unusual spelling of her name was adopted in her early teens.

- Her hobbies are Photography, painting, writing, horseback riding, knitting, and making stationery.
- Is also a talented musician and singer with a four-octave range.

- Goes by her middle name "Joy."

- She has a 13 year old sister, who is not allowed to watch her on the WB's "One Tree Hill" (2003).

- Impressed producers so much during her three week stint as "Teenage Reva Clone" on "The Guiding Light" (1952), she was re-hired later that year in the contract role of "Michelle Bauer" on the daytime serial.

- Her favorite musicians are: Sheryl Crow, U2, 'Coldplay' , "and anything that's not a sellout".

- Her favorite TV shows are: "Joan of Arcadia" (2003), "Alias" (2001), "I Love Lucy" (1951), "Lost" (2004), "Arrested Development" (2003) and "Friends" (1994).

- Her prized possession is Journals.

- November 2005: Announced she will be marrying Michael Galeotti by the end of the year. She will be taking his surname and using "Bethany Joy Galeotti" professionally, which should be reflected in the "One Tree Hill" (2003) opening credits by the new year.

- Since leaving "The Guiding Light" (1952) in 2000, she has kept in touch with co-stars Tammy Blanchard (Drew) and Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny).

- Performed with Tyler Hilton, 'Gavin Degraw' and The Wreckers (Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp) on the One Tree Hill Tour.

- Best friends with Brittany Snow, Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton and Abigail Spencer.

- Played, on guitar, and sang the National Anthem in the One Tree Hill cast Super Bowl in early 2004.

- Changed her last name from Lenz to Galeotti when she got married. It is reflected on the credits of One Tree Hill.

- Starred/worked with Richard Lee Jackson in "Bring It On Again" and is now married to Richard Lee Jackson's band mate Michael Galeotti from their band Enation.
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One Tree Hill Cast: Bethany Joy Galeotti/Haley James Scott

Do you know enough about your favorite characters from One Tree Hill ? If not then here is a chance to know them better.

Bethany Joy Galeotti / Haley James Scott

Date of Birth: April 2nd 1981, Hollywood, Florida, USA

Nick: Joypiter, Joy

Alternate Names: Bethany Joy Lenz, Joie Lenz

Height: 5' 3" (1.60 m)

Spouse: Michael Galeotti (31 December 2005 - present)

Bethany Joy Galeotti's Biography: Bethany Joy Lenz was born in Hollywood Florida, and now resides in North Carolina where her current project - the WB hit "One Tree Hill" (2003) - is filmed. Lenz plays "Haley James Scott", wife to James Lafferty's "Nathan", and childhood mate of Chad Michael Murray's "Lucas".

Prior to "One Tree Hill" (2003), Bethany spent most of her acting career on the stage. She has called Musical theater her passion, and has performed in various productions of "Annie", "The Wizard of Oz", "Gypsy", "Cinderella", etc...

After moving from Texas to New York, Bethany portrayed "Michelle Bauer Santos" on CBS's "The Guiding Light" (1952). When her two year contract ended there, she left New York and moved to Los Angeles and guest starred on shows like "Charmed" (1998), "Felicity" (1998) and "The Guardian" (2001). She also appeared in Los Angeles stage productions of "The Outsiders" - directed by Arthur Allan Seidelman, and "Happy Days" (as Pinky Tuscadero) - directed by Garry Marshall.

She is also an accomplished singer trained in New York by Richard Barrett, the director of the Brooklyn College of Opera, and in Los Angeles by renowned voice teacher Eric Vetro (Jennifer Garner, John Stamos, Ewan McGregor). Bethany has also recently completed a full-length album for Epic Records (Sony BMG), which is expected to be released in early 2006.
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