One Tree Hill Cast : Original Cast - Part I

One Tree Hill Cast : Original Cast

- Chad Michael Murray portrays Lucas Scott, the son that Dan never claimed. This led to Keith being the father figure in his life. He and Nathan start out as enemies but bond as friends and as brothers as the show progresses. Lucas' best friend is Haley and he has been a romantic interest for both Peyton and Brooke. Lucas has a serious heart condition, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) which he concealed for a long time. Aside from basketball, his greatest passion is literature and quotes from the books he reads are used on the show. In Season Five, he is a successful writer and head coach of the Ravens basketball team. He was in a relationship with his editor, Lindsey Strauss but conflicted by his feelings for former love Peyton, causing Lindsey to leave him at the altar. In the season finale, he asks one of Brooke, Peyton or Lindsey to marry him. It is not made clear which.

- James Lafferty portrays Nathan Scott, the son that Dan did claim, although his relationships with both his parents are strained at the best of times. Nathan marries Haley in Season One and they renew their vows in Season Three, and later becomes a father to James Lucas "Jamie" Scott in Season Four. In Season One, he and Lucas start out as enemies, but bond as friends and brothers as the show progresses. Nathan is the star player of the Ravens and is named "Most Valuable Player" in Season Four. Also, in Season Four, he is investigated for shaving points. He loses his basketball scholarship to Duke University because he admits to shaving points in two games. Basketball has always been his greatest passion and he sees it as his "way out", but in Season Five, a fight leaves Nathan near-paralyzed and his dreams shattered, though he later regains the use of his legs and slowly starts to make a comeback in basketball.

- Hilarie Burton portrays Peyton Sawyer, who's two greatest passions in life are music and art; she is an expert in the punk rock genre and uses her art to express the issues that play out in her life. In Season Two, she discovers that she is actually adopted. She has never met her biological father although she has met his son, her half-brother, Derek. After getting to know her birth mother, Ellie, she loses her to breast cancer. In Season Four, Peyton decides to act on her feelings for Lucas and they begin a relationship. This relationship has ended between seasons Four and Five and in Season Five, a lonely Peyton is working for a record company in LA. She and Brooke decide return to Tree Hill, where she starts her own record label, Red Bedroom Records, and battles her feelings for Lucas again.

- Bethany Joy Galeotti portrays Haley James Scott, Lucas' best friend, Nathan's wife and Jamie's mother. She is an extremely intelligent woman with high morals. She marries Nathan in Season One and they renew their vows in Season Three, while Season Four sees her give birth to her son, Jamie. In Season Five, as well as balancing roles as a wife and mother, she is an English teacher at Tree Hill High and is also seen to be planning a musical comeback.
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Where's Sophia Bush who plays Brooke Davis? She's by far the best character on One tree hill ffs!