One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 5 Promo / Sneak Peek

Episode 5 Title: You have dug your own grave, now lie in it

We will get to see more of Q in Season 6

Yes, thats right. For all the people who love Q this is a good news. I am not sure as to how is he going to make a comeback maybe in flashbacks or in Jamie's dreams. But we certainly will get to see more of him. 

Cheers ! ! ! !

One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 4 Promo / SneakPeek

Episode Title: Bridge Over Troubled Water

After a sad Episode here is what you can expect in the next Episode.

It would be interesting to see how Nathan, Haley, Lucas ..... react to Deb/Skills affair. What do you think about it ? Just started a poll, you might want to check that out.


Lots of other interesting developments would take place in Episode 4. We get to see Brooke and Victoria one-on-one. Don't want to miss that for sure. Also we get to know more about Samantha.


Nanny Carrie and Victoria meet in a park and they sit down for a talk.


In pisode 4 we also get to see peyton talking about Ellie and her real dad. Here's a clip.

One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 4 Preview : Mark Schwahn

Preview of Episode 4: Bridge Over Troubled Water

Here is what Mark Schwahn has to say about the fourth Episode.

One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Voiceover by Haley

Did you ever wonder what it would be like if you weren't you anymore?

If you were suddenly gone, how would your world react?

Whatever you imagined is wrong. There;s nothing romantic about death. Grief is like the Ocean. It's deep and Dark and bigger than all of us. And pain is like a thief in the night. Quiet. Persistent. Unfair. Diminished by time and faith and love. I didn’t know Quentin Fields but I’m jealous of him because I see how his absence has affected the people that did know him so I know that he did matter to them. And I know he was loved. People say Quentin Fields was a great basketball player. Graceful. Fluid. Inspiring. They say on a good night it almost seemed as though he could fly. And now he can.


Denise (Q's mother): I wanted to thank you for standing up for my boy the way you did in that last game. It’s a shame that we have to meet like this.

Lucas: Yes, ma’am, it is.

Denise: Coach Taylor, Quentin always had so many nice things to say about you. And you too, Nathan. I really appreciate you boys comin here. But I mostly wanted to say thank you to this one. My son has always loved basketball but the day I can tell you, the day I came home and found him reading a boo, it about gave me a heart attack. He said, Mommy, Mrs. James-Scott, she don’t play. She almost as bad as you are. I realize that you are all trying to help him live up to the greatness God gave him and you should be proud of that.

Haley: Your strength is inspiring.

Denise: My strength is from Jesus Christ. I am going to miss my baby boy for the rest of this life but I know we are going to see him again and our faith will see us through.


Lucas: Quentin, uh... was a great kid. he was the leader of this team and i know that he was your friend. I wish... I could take this pain away, but I can't and I'm sorry.

Skills: It's okay to feel angry. It's okay to feel the pain. It's even okay to hate the person that did this, but when that anger and that pain and that hate becomes too much for you, you come see me, nate or luke. Understand? We are your family, and we gonna get through this togeather.

Nathan: You guys know that Q was working out with me, helping me with my game. And that's how I am gonna remember him......strong, happy, playing the game he loved. I want you all to find your own best memories of Q and hold onto them. 'cause that's where he still lives, and he always will.


Peyton (to Brooke): Life's too short Brooke, to fight, to be miserable....... to let the bitter ones change how awesome you are.


Nathan: Having dealt with parent insanity, I just wanted to check your head and see how you are doing. The thing is, the two of us have been down very similar roads. I mean, we were in the same cliques. We both felt the same pressures, same expectations. Our parents were like children. And we both grew into kind bad versions of ourselves way too fast. So I think you know and get it.

Brooke: They never really gave us a chance did they? Our parents?

Nathan: They didn’t know how. Look the thing is you made your dream happen, alrught? And even though I didn't quite get there, when it was taken away from me, I dealt with it alone. That was stupid, selfish and wrong. So if your mom tries to take your dream away from you and you feel that same pain like I did, I’ve sort of been there okay? .... And I’m going to be kind of pissed off if you don’t come talk to me about it. Thank you for coming today. It means a lot. I know you didn't know quentin, but....... it doesn't surprise me that you're thinking about other people when all this stuff is going on with you. That's not bad for a girl who never had a chance. Come here. (Nathan and Brookr Hug).


Jamie: I want to go. Quentin was my friend and I want to say good-bye too.
Haley: It’s going to be really sad, buddy.
Jamie: I’m already sad.
Haley: You’re right. Quentin is your friend and a good one You should say goodbye.
Haley (in class): You know what? guys asked me what the point was to all of this, school, And , uh ........ I said there was no point. And that's not true. What I should have said was, "I don't know". Because the truth is, not long ago, I sat where you are and wondered exactly the same things. When something that's tragic and evil and unexplainable happend like losing someone forever...........I still wonder .......... just like you do. Alright, everybody, get out a piece of paper and pen.
Samantha: Why?
Haley: Because this is a literature class. When archaeologists uncoverlost cicilizations and they unearth their worlds that have long been since been destroyed, you know what they find most often? They find stories ...... ancient languages, words, inscriptions from people who have been gone for thousand of years, because chances are, like you, they wanted to know, "Whats the point ?". And they wanted us to know that they were here, you know ? .......... like......... they told their stories, and they tried to make sense of their lives and their worlds and their tragedies. So that's what we are gonna do. So I want you to write something, anything at all, about Quentin Fields. If you knew him, write a favorite memory. If you didn't know him, write what you think the point is of all this for yourself and your life and your time here. This is a literature class and that's what writes do. We put pen to paper in times of devastating tragedy. And we try and make sense of it. Maybe we will find some clarity in some of those words. Maybe we will find peace.
Haley takes a marker and writes on Quentin's desk: "He who does not weep, does not see."


One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 3 Promo / SneakPeek

The last Episode was perhaps one of the most darkest episodes in the One Tree Hill History. The way Q died was completely unexpected. At this point its hard to tell where the story is headed. But one thing is sure no one wants to see Brooke and Peyton split again.  Lets see what do we have in Episode 3, here's a promo:

One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Lucas: When I was a kid I used to love to jump on my bed. I’d pretend I could fly. I’d pretend I
could dunk. I was happy. My mom would pass the room and shout, Lucas Scott, if you break that
box spring, you’ll be sleeping on the floor for the rest of your life.

Peyton: Well, here’s the good news if you have to sleep on the floor, I will sleep there with you.

Lucas: For the rest of your life?

Peyton: Definitely.


Deb: Jamie I was not kissing Uncle Skills. I mean first of all, he’s your parents age and one of Uncle Lucas’s best friends. It just wouldn’t be right.

Jamie: I think it’d be cool.

Deb: Yeah?

Jamie: Yeah.......…Grandpa Skills  ! ! ! ! 


Lucas: I thought you were going to come meet me.

Peyton: I chickened out. You’re just going to have to join the mile-high club on your own.

Lucas: I just kinda did. I’m kidding!


Q: I said they call him J Lucas so put up your dukes. The boy blowin up and the boy done shook us.

Jamie: They call him Q Fields. He’s a pretty big deal. He’s working my corner. He’s keepin it real. 


Brooke: Congratulations

Peyton: It’s kinda sudden, right?

Brooke: Are you kidding? The rest of the world’s been waiting on you two idiots since high school.


Jamie: When you get married, do I have to be the ring bearer again?

Lucas: Not if you don’t want to.

Jamie: Good because last time it didn’t work out so well.


Nathan: I scored 35 points that night and each basket was like my own personal version of a Haley James pick-up line.

Haley: It worked.

Nathan: I played that game for you, Haley and you know what? I’d give it up for you too. Because as much as I love playing the game and the person that I am when I play it, I love being a husband and a father more.


One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 2 : Another Clip

Two more Promos for the second Episode were aired yesterday. In the first promo you will find the Dan and Carrie and in the second one Skills gets caught by Jamie. Have a look and tell us what you think about the whole situation.

One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 2 Promo / Sneal Peek 1

One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 2 Promo / Sneak Peek 2

One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 2 Promo / Sneak Peek

After the first episode where things were a bit slow and almost everything went as expected (with the exception of Nanny & Dan plot i guess), Episode 2 is expected to be a plot builder for the season to come. 

Brooke was beaten up by someone at the end of the first episode. In the promo she looks in pretty bad shape. But knowing B Davis's character one thing is sure that she will fight.

I will post more promos as they are released !!!!! 

One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 2 Promo / SneakPeek

One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Old Guy :  Three simple Cards. Three beautiful ladies. It's real simple son. All you got to do is pick one.

Lucas : Alright.

Old Guy : Come on now son.   Three Queens, three choices. Just follow the heart.

Lucas : That's the one.

Old Guy : Well, well. Looks like you found your Queen. Not many do. How did you know which one to pick ?

Lucas : I guess I always knew.

Old Guy : I want to tell you something son, it's the most important thing there is -- love, finding the right person to spend your life with. 

Lucas : I know I made the right choice.

Old Guy : (Laughs) That's where they get you, thinking you got a choice. Love finds you son. You don't find love. Its got a little bit to do with destiny, fate, whats written in the starts, and a lot to do with the simple fact that most women are smartter than we are. And wily. But if you want to believe that you had a choice in the matter, I'd say you made a good one.

Lucas : Why is that ?

Old Guy : Because she showed up. And she sure is pretty.

(Lucas and Peyton meet and kiss)


Millicent : Hi

 Brooke : You are fired.

Millicent : What ?

Brooke : You are fired. Now go to ohama.

Millicent : Brooke ?

Brooke : Let me tell you something about love, millicent huxtable. It does not knock often. And when it does, you have to let it in. You are a wonderful friend. And you are smart and beautiful and it is gonna suck to loose you, but there is a boy out there who loves you. And I know you love him back. So, now you have to get your wacky ass out of my store.

Millicent :  But .......... ?? ####

Brooke : I'm gonna be fine. Okay ?

Millicent : If you need anything ...

Brooke : I just need you to be happy.


 Peyton and Lucas in a Hotel room.

Peyton : Okay, open your eyes.

Lucas : This is the roome where .....----......

Peyton : You proposed to me four years ago.

Lucas : Yeah.

Peyton : You said it should be like a dream, so ..... I have this dream where we're back in the hotel room, and you propose to me, and every single time, I say yes.

Lucas : It's just a dream right ?

Peyton : But it's my dream.