One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Old Guy :  Three simple Cards. Three beautiful ladies. It's real simple son. All you got to do is pick one.

Lucas : Alright.

Old Guy : Come on now son.   Three Queens, three choices. Just follow the heart.

Lucas : That's the one.

Old Guy : Well, well. Looks like you found your Queen. Not many do. How did you know which one to pick ?

Lucas : I guess I always knew.

Old Guy : I want to tell you something son, it's the most important thing there is -- love, finding the right person to spend your life with. 

Lucas : I know I made the right choice.

Old Guy : (Laughs) That's where they get you, thinking you got a choice. Love finds you son. You don't find love. Its got a little bit to do with destiny, fate, whats written in the starts, and a lot to do with the simple fact that most women are smartter than we are. And wily. But if you want to believe that you had a choice in the matter, I'd say you made a good one.

Lucas : Why is that ?

Old Guy : Because she showed up. And she sure is pretty.

(Lucas and Peyton meet and kiss)


Millicent : Hi

 Brooke : You are fired.

Millicent : What ?

Brooke : You are fired. Now go to ohama.

Millicent : Brooke ?

Brooke : Let me tell you something about love, millicent huxtable. It does not knock often. And when it does, you have to let it in. You are a wonderful friend. And you are smart and beautiful and it is gonna suck to loose you, but there is a boy out there who loves you. And I know you love him back. So, now you have to get your wacky ass out of my store.

Millicent :  But .......... ?? ####

Brooke : I'm gonna be fine. Okay ?

Millicent : If you need anything ...

Brooke : I just need you to be happy.


 Peyton and Lucas in a Hotel room.

Peyton : Okay, open your eyes.

Lucas : This is the roome where .....----......

Peyton : You proposed to me four years ago.

Lucas : Yeah.

Peyton : You said it should be like a dream, so ..... I have this dream where we're back in the hotel room, and you propose to me, and every single time, I say yes.

Lucas : It's just a dream right ?

Peyton : But it's my dream.

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