Bethany Joy Galeotti / Haley : Where is she now ?

If you are wondering what has Bethany Joy Galeotti from the One Tree Hill Cast has been doing over the past few years, have a read .....

- (January 2005) Although she is working on her show "One Tree Hill" in North Carolina, she currently has an apartment in Burbank, California and is buying a house in Washington

- (March 2005) She is currently on tour with Tyler Hilton, The Wreckers (Michele Branch and Jessica Harp) and Gavin Degraw - the "One Tree Hill" concert tour.

- (May 2005) Recording an album to be released early 2006

- (June 2005) Filming season 3 of One Tree Hill in Wilmington, North Carolina

- (November 2005) Announced engagement to "Enation" band member Micheal Galeotti.

- (August 2007) In Wilmington, North Carolina filming as Haley Scott for Season 5 One Tree Hill.

- (September 2006) In North Carolina filming season 4 of One Tree Hill.

- (July 2007) In Wilmington filming Season 5 of One Tree Hill.
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