Bethany Joy Galeotti / Haley : Personal Quotes Part II

Here are some quotes from Bethany Joy Galeotti / Haley James Scott from the One Tree Hill Cast.

- "I think I started to see that acting was a really great catharsis for me. I've always been really creative and artistic, but I think acting was something that I could pour my creative energy into, and it took all of me. To this day, I haven't found that feeling anywhere else."

- "I have no desire to be a star."

- "I don't believe the human heart was made to be put through the abuse of the dating world. "

- "I was probably singing before I could talk, Musical theater is my passion. If I could afford it, I would just do dinner theater and live a simple life."

- "My personal style is just really easy, non fashion concerned. I have a lot of jeans and tee shirts."

- "So much of my heart is in my music. If you pay close attention to the lyrics, you can get a much better perception of who I am when my guard is down. "

- "I can't cook or do crafts. And put a soccer ball or a football in my hand, and I wouldn't know what to do with it, but if you give me a creative outlet, usually, I'd be able to figure something out."

- "I eat peanut butter, Swiss cheese and lettuce sandwiches. Really, they're very good!"

- "My dream car is a red '57 Chevrolet pickup. So I'd take a road trip in that for a day, play classic rock music the whole time and then stop at a diner at midnight for some apple pie."

- "I had a lot of creative energy when I was young. I was not the best student because I was always challenging what the teachers were saying, rather than just accepting it."

- "I love being home on rainy days! I usually write and sneak in an I Love Lucy rerun!"

- "I love singing. Getting on stage... it's like reaching in to the bottom of my soul and bringing it right up. I love it. "

- "I'm not a morning person. But I'm not really much of a night person, either. I'm just kind of there."

- On her character Haley: "The interesting thing about Haley is that she feels really awful, but at the same time she doesn't walk around groveling. That would be pathetic. She wants to be forgiven, but she is willing to earn that. I hope the Nathan and Haley fans hang in there because I think they will be very satisfied with the outcome."

- "I wrote my first song when I was maybe like four years old. I was always wandering around the house making things up. Back then, I learned a lot about singing from listening to Mariah Carey. I would sing to her [albums] and try and get all her riffs and stuff. I would be in my room for hours until I could get it right, it helps being an only child because I didn't have anything else to do!"

- "I've learned so much, especially with Chad. He is really good with camera and lighting and technical stuff. He has learned a lot about that and he's really good to work with and so I have learned so much technically. It's been amazing."

- "Music is something that is in you. You can touch people with your music even if you're working a job at starbucks or working a desk job."
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