One Tree Hill Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Episode Title: I forgot to remember to forget


Coach Durham: That was hell of a move tonight.

Nathan: Soon as the ball left my hand, i knew it was going in.

Coach Durham: I'm talking about after the game. Look, I didn't put off my pension so you can beat up any jack ass that heckles you.

Nathan: I know. I'm sorry.

Coach Durham: You've worked hard this season. A lot of eyes are on you. But you've get to be careful. If you are not that temper of yours will be all you have left.

Nathan: I just don't know if people are ever gonna forget the mistakes I've made.

Coach Durham: The important thing is for you to get past them. This is not going to go away just by playing better. You've to live better.

Nathan: I know. You are right i get it coach.

Coach Durham: Nathan, I just don't want you to look back down the road in a couple of years and wonder what might have been. We all know where that path can lead a man.

Nathan: Dan.

Coach Durham(smiles): For the record, that last shot was a hell of a move.

Lucas: Hey, Coach !

Coach Durham: Hey!

Lucas: So, 37 years of coaching, where does this night rank?

Coach Durham: Well, this would be number 3. Number two was your high-school championship.

Lucas: And what was the first?

Coach Durham: The first was the night Camilla agreed to join a scrawny kid, just embarking on a 37 year coaching career.

Lucas: There are more important thinmgs in life than basketball.

Coach Durham: That's right.

Lucas and Lindsey meeting for the first time.

Lucas: I just wanted to say thank you for changing my life.

Lindsey: That was all you Lucas. But can I ask you something ?

Lucas: Yeah.

Lindsey: The Luke and Peyton in the novel....

Lucas: No.

Lindsey: I'm Sorry. I was rooting for them.

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