One Tree Hill Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Episode Title: In Da Club

Lucas: Lemme ask you something. Do you have an alarm in your head that goes off every time I'm happy with someone else? Wht do you want from me? I fly to L.A., I ask you to marry me. You said no, so I moved on. Why haven't you?

Peyton: 'Cause I should have said yes. Luke, I was young. And was scared. And I did not realize that by saying I wasn't ready, it would mean that we would never be together again. Had i known that, I would have said yes.

Lucas: Peyton .....

Peyton: No, Luke, I miss you everyday. And i have told everyone here that I didn't come back for you. But I did. Ofcourse I did. I still love you lucas.

Lucas: Peyton I...........

Peyton: You still love me don't you?

Lucas: I have to go see Lindsey.

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Anonymous said...

possibly my fav OTH scene! I am such a leyton fan! it breaks my heart tho when Peyton goes back to his house later in the episode and finds out lucas purposed :'(