One Tree Hill Season 6 : Leyton or Brucas

Everyone is waiting for the first episode of Season 6 One Tree Hill. The ending of season 5 left everyone wondering whether its going to be Leyton, Brucas or Lucas and Lindsey. The Lindsey and Lucas scenario looks less of a possibility but you never know. 

Here is an interesting stat taken from the polls of this blog.

Q. : Which is the best pair ?

- Leyton (816 votes, 42%)

- Naley (781 votes, 40%)

- Brucas (497, 25%)

The above tells us that Leyton is the people's top favorite. Though the people from Brucas camp are very right when they say that Lucas has never been a happy guy being with Peyton and Lucas was liked best when he was with Brooke. With 22 more days to go before the premier of Season 6, all you can do is pray for your favorite pair.

Note : A new Poll has been started - "Who is it going to be in Season 6 ?", Cast your Vote !!!!


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shes urban said...

I really love your blogs <3

mary said...

i know ists too late now,dor commenting on this post,but this the first time im visiting this site,and now that season 6 started we can see lucas so happy with peyton,in fact he has never been happier,and unlike what you said in your post he was and is so happy with peyton.