Quotes from s05e03 - My way home is through you

Mouth to his Boss
Mouth : Before I go, I need to say something.
Boss : Ofcourse you do. You are like a bug that can't be squashed.
Mouth : You never gave me a chance.
You hated me from start because of how i look.
It's always about how people look.
I mean
takeyou. You dress up all uptight, hiding your hot body behind your cold personality.
But at the end of the day you know, you got it.
You know, go hire your hot anchor and hang out with your hot friends abd be hot,
but you will never know what you are missing, 'cause I'm good at what I do,
and I'm gonna prove you wrong.
Boss gets up and Kisses Mouth
Boss : That was kind of hot.

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